Organizing establishments and legal units

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By default, you do not have access to create new establishments and/or legal units. Contact our Help desk teams if you wish to add another level to your current organization. 

This help page details the questions be asked, and the information to share with the Lucca Help desk.  

What is a legal unit and an establishment?

The legal unit is a legal entity (legal or natural person) under public or private law. 

This legal entity can be:

  • a legal entity, whose existence is recognized by law independently of the persons or institutions that own or are members of it;
  • a natural person who, as an independent, can conduct an economic activity.

In France, the legal unit is the primary unit registered in SIRENE, and is therefore identified by the SIREN number.

An establishment is a geographically individualized production unit, legally dependent on the legal unit.

In France, all establishments receive a SIRET number, including legal units operating a single establishment.

A legal unit must declare at least one establishment (which will be its head office). An establishment can be attached to only one legal unit. The establishment will be located in the country of the legal unit. 


The legal unit and establishments are the foundation for setting up your environment.

Legal units and establishments must reflect your payroll organization (payroll file) to simplify your administrative processes. 

More specifically, the organization you wish to create or reorganize will have an impact on each Lucca application, particularly in the generation and administration of exports:

Establishments are also used as filters to isolate a population during report creation, allocating paid leave, or distributing payslips.

The preparation stages 

The creation of a new establishment or legal unit is no small matter.  Your request must meet the following requirements:

  • Represent reality: existence of a separate company within the group;
  • (or) Represent a population with different management rules and/or managed by a separate administrator.

The creation process may also require additional configuration steps, depending on your applications. Contact our Support team, our consultants will help you to identify the regulations to be updated, and to link them to the right contract.

When you create your future request, please indicate:

  • the name of the establishment
  • its code (automatically generated when the name is entered, but can be modified; it serves primarily as an identification key for various data import/export operations, such as accounting and payroll exports)
  • its legal unit (and the country of this legal unit)
  • for France only: the SIRET number and NAF code of the establishment
  • Optional: public holiday calendar of the establishment

A consultancy service may be available to you. If required, we can also provide training for new administrators.

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