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Definition of legal entity

According to the INSEE, a legal unit is a legal entity of public or private law. This legal entity can be:

  • A legal entity, whose existence is recognized by the law independently of the persons or institutions which possess it or are members;
  • A natural person, who, as independent, can exercise an economic activity.

It must be declared to the competent administrative bodies (court registries, social security, tax office, etc.) in order to exist. The existence of this sort of unit depends on the choice of the owners (for organisational, legal or fiscal reasons). (See INSEE source)

In Lucca, the legal entity is the main foundation for configuration. A set of specific rules arise from this legal entity in each of Lucca’s solutions. For example:

The legal entity in Lucca will also be one of the filter criteria for singling out a certain population category when creating reports, allocating leave days, delivering payslips, etc.

Creating a Legal Entity

Click on the cogwheel at the top right of the homepage, then on the ‘Legal entity’ tab:


Is there no ‘legal entity’ line? Go to the next paragraph: No access to legal entity management

Otherwise, go to entity management and click on the ‘Add a legal entity’ button. A new empty line appears for you to fill in and then save. Be careful to enter the correct country because it cannot be changed later!


Please remember this operation is very important, as the legal entities are vital to how the applications work. This creation must meet the following requirements:

  • Represent reality: the existence of a separate company within the group;
  • (or) Represent a population with largely different management rules and/or managed by a separate administrator.

Additionally, depending on what programs the company has access to, you will need to set up several things so that the new company’s employees’ can use Lucca’s solutions.

No access to legal entity management

Lucca relies on legal entities to manage invoicing. For this reason, legal entity management is not available to regular administrators. If you need to create a new legal entity, please send a request to the help desk using the Submit a request form, remembering to include:

  • the company’s name
  • the country where it is registered. After the legal entity is created, there is absolutely no way to change this information
  • its code (potentially), which is automatically generated when setting the name, but which can be edited. It is used mainly as an identification key for the various data imports/exports, such as accounting and payroll exports

Important: to use these programs correctly, creating a legal entity can involve specific settings requiring follow-up from a Lucca consultant as part of a project. In this case, the help desk (or sales department) will provide an estimate. If needed, we can also offer training for a new administrator.

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