Transferring Entitlements From One Account to Another

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You can choose to transfer entitlements from one account to another for either a single user or en masse for multiple employees.

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Transferring entitlements from one account to another for a user

The Credit/debit > Employee > Transfers module allows you to transfer days from one account to another (postpone entitlements to the end of the period, transfer entitlements to a time savings account, etc.).

One obligation: the number of days debited from one account has to equal the number of days credited to the other account (just like a bank account).

There are 2 steps. The first step is the debit entry: select the user in question and the account to be debited. Next, enter the reason for the transfer and the number of days to transfer. Once these fields are filled in, click on ‘Add’. A second line appears. You then need to configure the credit entry’s properties.

As a rule, the default values are correct, and you can simply select the account to which you want to credit the days in the ‘Account’ field (e.g. time savings account, RTT for the next year, etc.). When you are done, click ‘Save’.


Transfer entitlements from one account to another for a group of users

At the end of the consumption period, the Credit/debit a group of employees module (Credit/debit > Group of employees) allows you to transfer the entitlements on one account to another.

  1. In the ‘Select the population’ section, you can set up any necessary filters: department, company, profile, category and/or condition related to an account’s balance.
  2. In the ‘Choose an action’ section, select the account you want to reset (Modify the account), tick the Reset the account - 0 radio button and select the balancing account to which you want to transfer the balance.
  3. After entering a name and date for the entry, click on the ‘Simulate entries’ button.
  4. The list of employees appears on the right-hand side with the number of days lost (you can change the number of days for each employee in the table), and you can then click Save underneath the table.


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