Cancelling a Leave Request

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A leave request can be cancelled in Timmi Absences. This can be done by the administrator or by the user directly, as long as the leave being cancelled is in the future.

The user cannot cancel a request in the past. Only the administrator can do so.


This article covers the following points:

Cancelling a future request

The user can cancel a future leave request from the ‘Request leave’ tab, by clicking on the request and then clicking on ‘Cancel request’ (if the request has not been approved yet) or ‘Request cancellation’ (if the request was already approved).

If the request has not been approved yet, it will be directly cancelled.


If the request was already approved, the user requests a cancellation, which must be approved by their manager. The request remains visible in green on the calendar until the manager accepts the cancellation.


An administrator can no longer edit or cancel leave from the ‘Manage the schedule’ tab. If the administrator wants to cancel the absence, they must approve the cancellation request using the Approve tab in place of the manager.

Cancelling a past request

Any absence requests for past dates (including the current day) cannot be cancelled by the user. They must contact their manager.
Since the cancellation request is pending for the manager in their ‘Approve’ tab, it is up to them to deny the request.

If the past request was approved, only the administrator is able to cancel the request using the Manage the schedule module.

Partial cancellation

The administrator can edit or cancel part of the request in the Manage the schedule module by selecting the days in question.

The user cannot cancel part of a leave or change request.
They must delete the entire period that they initially requested and submit a new absence request.

In conclusion


Request Pending Approved
 In the future  The user can cancel his/her leave   request (by clicking on the leave   period)  The user has to request a leave a   cancellation from the manager (by clicking   on the leave period)
 In the past  The manager can refuse the leave   request  The administrator can manage the leave   from Manage the Schedule
 NB: In case the user already requested a   leave cancellation, the manager will have   to approve the cancellation request


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