Cancel a leave request

Request in the future

If the user wishes to cancel a request in the future, he simply has to click on the leave request in his Homepage calendar and on “Cancel this request".

If the request is not approved, it is immediately cancelled.

If the request was approved by the manager, a cancellation request is sent. The request stay visible in the calendar until the manager approved the leave cancellation. Meanwhile, leave correction by the administrator is impossible.

Managers and administrators don’t have the rights to cancel a request in the place of a user. The user is the only one who is able to cancel his own requests.


Requests in the past

To cancel a leave request in the past waiting for approval, the user needs to contact his manager. The request is waiting for approval in the manager "Approve" tab, only him can refuse this leave request.

When the leave request is approved and in the past, only the administrator has the possibility to cancel this request through Schedule management tab.


Partial cancellation

The user cannot make partial cancellation or modification to a leave request. He needs to cancel it and make a new request.

The administrator can cancel or modify part of a request from the Schedule management tab.


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