Manage the tasks to realize on my todo list

In the tab Todo list, you find 4 types of procedures to realize on your Figgo:

1. Credit users arrived in the course of the year

You'll find here users only if you have an annual credit of the recurring leave accounts (i.e.: Annual leaves).

2. Leave requiring justification

It corresponds to leave of absences which require documentary evidence (i.e.: Wedding, Child birth, Compassionate leave...). These absences appear in your dashboard only once the leave dates are previous or equals to today.

As soon as a user supplies documentary evidence, put your mouse on its name and click on "Balance the account". The user account is then automatically credited and the line disappears from his leave balance table.

You can also join a justification to the leave request by using the link of the same name.

3. Absences type must be precised

It concerns all the "Absence to justify" that you as an administrator have recorded in the "Schedule management" module.

As soon as the user gives you the justification for his absence, you have to update his schedule. When you put your mouse on the absence in question, Figgo suggests you to "Qualify the leave".

By clicking on the link, you are automatically redirected towards the "Schedule management" tab on the schedule of the concerned employee. You can then qualify the leave by selecting the justified motive for the absence.


4. Unusual debit balances

It corresponds to all accounts having a debit balance although it is not authorized in Figgo (see accounts parameters).

In the majority of the cases, an unusual debit balance is explained by an action realized by the administrator through the "Schedule Management" module. Indeed, this account-blocking configuration doesn’t apply when the administrator records the leave for someone.

By putting your mouse on the line, Figgo proposes you to “See account details" to find the origin of this error.


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