How to configure accounts in the pull-down menu during a request ?

For information, only the following accounts appear in the leave request allocation proposition:

  • Accounts which are not balanced
  • Accounts where days are going to be acquired

Non-recurring leave accounts such as "Wedding", "Birth" or "Compassionate leave" are not directly visible because no entitlements are credited upfront on these accounts. The user can make a specific request by selecting these absences in the pull-down menu "Select a type of leave".

For a leave type to be visible in the drop-down menu, it has to be set in such way. To check the configuration of an account, go to: Administration > Parameters > Accounts- and click on the account in question (i.e.: here below "Wedding" account).

You have to answer "yes" to the question "Does the account appear in the pull-down menu during a request?" so that the latter is accessible to users. Do not forget to save the modification before leaving the page.

Warning :

Accounts configured in calendar days cannot accessibles to users in the pull-down menu.

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