Where to consult the employees balances ?

You can consult the balances of all the employees, or a specific department, at a specific date through the modules:

  1. Employees' balances
  2. Display > Balances

To reach "Employees’ balances" (Home page - link at the level of Leave balances), you have to possess a role including the permission to see the Home page of other people. It's accessible to Administrators but also Managers.

This module allows you to create a report (for a department or a group) of initial balances on a given date and the final balances by taking into account days taken and entitlements to be earned until the end of the date. Days taken meaning all the leave requests made (approved or pending ones), as well as all the put on leave. This report can be exported in Excel by clicking on the small icon at the bottom of the results.

You can also use the module "Balances", in Administration > Display > Balances, that will able you to have a column per type of account.

The first thing to do, in order to use it, is to "Create a customized report" by clicking on the link. It's here that you'll choose the specific accounts for which you would like to display users balances.

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