How to explain a debit balance in Figgo ?

The first thing to check is the management of accounts. We can distinguish 3 main types of leave accounts:

  1. Those managed debits-credits accessible in the drop-down menu (i.e.: Wedding): they remain in debit as long as the administrator doesn't credit the account through the Dashboard, once the justification obtained.
  2. Those auto-credited accessible in the drop-down menu (i.e.: Unpaid leaves): they are negative until the manager approves the leave and days are in the past.
  3. Those managed in credits-debits only visible when days are credited (i.e.: Annual leaves): if the account is well configured, the latter should not be negative.

So only the 3rd case has to draw your attention. To understand the origin of a debit, you will have to verify the configuration of the account.

Go to Administration > Parameters > Accounts, select the account in the left column, then verify the data: "What happens in case of a debit balance ?".

If the answer is not "Request blocked", you found the origin of the debit.

In the case of a request blocked, the debit can be explained then by an operation made by an Administrator.

Indeed, Figgo doesn't block any operation when its realized by an Administrator. This is why it is very important to display user balance before making any action (see the procedure).

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