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Password policy

From February 6th, 2015, the safety of passwords in Lucca is strengthened.

What does it consist of?

Previously, the only obligation was to have a password of at least 6 characters.

From now on, the passwords will also have to be complex.

The passwords difficult to guess are the strongest. The minimum length remains fixed to 6 character. The aim will be to create an original password.

A barometer will indicate if your password is accepted.

If your password is considered too weak, a link will allow you to learn how to strengthen it.

Here are some advices to choose a password strong and easy to remember.

Finally, you need to know that your passwords are from now chopped and salted with a recent algorithm. It guarantees you that they will remain uncrackable, even in case of steal of our database!

What do I have to do after this development?

This development will have no impact on your users. They can continue to log-in with their current passwords.

Lucca will not ask them to change their password.

It’ll only concerns the users who will want to change their password, as well as new users.

Their new password will then have to respect our new policy.

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