What to do when a user leaves the company ?

When an employee leaves your company, you have first of all to inform a contract end date in his employee file. As so, his Figgo account will be deactivated at the given date and his name will disappear from the administration drop-down menu after 60 days.



If the concerned employee is a manager, you need to transfer his rights of validation to another user before the deactivation of his account (see the procedure). This new supervisor will need to have Manager permissions or any permission allowing him to access the Approve module.

Finally, in Administration > Manage > Employee discharge, you have to realize the balance of the user’s accounts. You can download the balance board in Excel format by clicking on the icon. To finish, select the account "Employee discharge" and click on Save to balanced all the accounts.

Warning: You need to activate monthly entries before settling accounts (see the procedure).


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