Choosing a password

Lucca helps you to choose a password that follows its security guidelines.

Your password is safe with us.

It should be both difficult to guess but at the same time easy to remember.

As long as you respect the minimum length of 6 characters and use a combination of numbers with lower case and upper case letters or even punctuation marks, your password will be accepted.

To sum up, be creative:

  • Combine two words that would never be used together (ex. "infinite blue")
  • Use random numbers (example: "marc974" even though you live in Paris)
  • Memorize a phrase that doesn’t make any sense (example: "laughing rain banana")
  • Use special characters (example: "@thebeach")
  • If your keyboard has accent marks, then take advantage of it! (example: "sümmér2015")
  • Don’t use the 5 passwords used above

The more original your password is, the harder it is to guess!

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