Choosing a Strong Password

Background information

As you learned when reading our page on Lucca’s security changes, your password is safe with us. Even if our database was stolen, it would still be indecipherable. That said, it is important to always take every precaution when creating your password.

Setting your password

Basically, your password must be hard to guess, but easy to remember.

To be accepted, your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain numbers and upper and lower case letters—and can even include punctuation marks.

In other words, be creative:

  • Combine 2 totally unrelated words (e.g. ‘blueinfinity’)
  • Use numbers randomly (e.g. ‘mark974’ while living in Paris)
  • Memorise a phrase that makes no sense (e.g. ‘itisrained’)
  • Use special characters (e.g. ‘@thebeach’)
  • Put that second language of yours to good use, and add some accents too (e.g. ‘été2015’)
  • Keep to a common idea while adding site initials or a specific term (e.g. myLeave45!)
  • Do not use any of the 6 passwords mentioned above!

The more original your password, the harder it is to guess. An indicator will let you know if your password is OK.



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