Viewing Supporting Documents in Timmi Absences

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It is possible to download a receipt (jpeg or PDF) and attach it to an absence request or a leave of absence. Only one receipt per request is allowed.

Consult the downloaded receipts

The receipts can be consulted and downloaded from an employee's absence history or from the employee's schedule by clicking on the absence.



How to hide the receipts from the managers?

If you want to hide the receipts from the managers, you can condition the visibility / addition of the receipts to a specific permission, which you will add to the administrator roles.

You must first change the "Credential management" setting in Preferences > Settings > Advanced settings, and then check the "View and manage credentials" permission for the authorized roles.

Note: the employee concerned will always have access to add / view their absence receipts, even without the permission.

As a payroll manager, can I be notified when a receipt is downloaded?

No email notification is sent to the payroll manager. Uploaded receipts will be visible in the Actions to do.

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