How to join a justification ?

You can join a justification (jpg or pdf) or attach it to a leave request or put it on an existing leave.

You can join only one justification per leave request.


#1 - Employee submits a leave request

The employee can join the justification during the submission of the leave request in this window



#2 - The employee joins a justification to a previous leave request 

When the employee received the justification after submitting the leave request, there are 2 options to attach it :

  1. requests history
  2. details of the leave request on the calendar





#3 - Payroll manager submits a sick leave

The payroll manager can join the justification during the submission of the leave.


#4 - The payroll manager received a wedding justification

From the administrator board, he can join a justification for one or several leave requests.


How to display the justifications ?

You can display and download a justification from the requests history or from the employee's calendar in the homepage.


Am I notified as payroll manager ?

Figgo doesn't send an email when an employee attaches a justification.

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