How to sync an external directory with Lucca

If you use a reference source other than Lucca to manage your users, for example a payroll software, you can easily transfer all of the modifications made using this software to Lucca.



In order for the synchronization to work correctly, you must verify a few technical details:

  • Have a shared, unique property between your software and Lucca. This property allows for a unique way to identify a user. It should be present in both your software and Lucca. It is usually a payroll ID, Lucca login or email address. If you have several legal entities with identical IDs, you can use this number which is made up of your ID + legal entity.
  • Have the minimum information required in your software to create a Lucca user, including: first and last name, e-mail address, employee start date. All other information is either optional in Lucca or has default values that Lucca can then assign automatically when creating users.
  • Be able to generate a daily CSV file containing all the users present in your software.
  • Know how to send a file to an FTP server via the protocol of the same name.



Lucca has an import module that you can use on demand as well as automatically via synchronization. This module accepts CSV files (a format derived from Excel). Each line corresponds to a user and each column to a number. The first line corresponds to the data titles.

Here is an example of the Figgo model: Figgo model.

You must be able to generate this type of file which contains all users daily.

Once the file is generated, you must submit it to the FTP server that we have made available. This FTP server is unique to each client.

After the automatic import has been activated by Lucca, all that is left to do is to fill out information on the FTP server and leave a reasonable delay between the time your software generates the CSV file and when this file is handled by Lucca.

For example, you can generate the file at 11 pm and schedule an automatic import for 11:30 pm in Lucca.



You now have everything you need to activate the synchronization between your payroll software and Lucca.

Choose a time when your payroll software will generate the file.

Go to Lucca, Admin mode > Import > Import users, to “schedule automatic imports.” You must then fill out all relative information on the FTP server, then choose a time to begin the import.

Contact us to receive an FTP server.

You must also notify a company user. And you have the possibility to add one or more additional email addresses in order to send yourself import reports, for example.

Once the automatic import has been activated, simply enable the generation of CSV files in your software.

Note: To ensure that you have the correct file format, we advise you for the first time to generate the file and then try to import it manually using the Lucca module. This testrun will allow you to receive feedback about your file’s consistency without having to import it.


Description of properties:

legalEntity: corresponds to the company code associated with the user’s employer

ID number: payroll ID of user

lastName / firstName: last/first name of user

dtContractStart: start date of user

dtContractEnd: end date, used by Lucca to specify when the user left the company. In Lucca, it is not possible to delete a user.

dtBirth: date of birth, optional, leave blank if needed

department: department number of user, useful for displaying a group calendar using an organizational chart

profile_figgo: represents the paid time off of users, in general where “full time,” “part time,” etc. is found.

csp: Socio-professional category, allows the definition of different paid time off rules based on experience, merit: “executive,” “non-executive,” “technician,” etc.

manager: ID of manager who approves paid time off requests of users. You can identify him or her via their payroll ID, email address, etc.


Note: the import module allows the definition of mappings between the codification of departments, csp’s or profiles between your software and Lucca.

Below is shown that the title “Executive France” and “Executive UK” in your software, is combined to a single “Executive” category in Lucca.

Need to synchronize in real time? Consider our API REST.


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