Paperless expense receipts

Cleemy allows your employees to easily add digitized receipts to their expenses. The main benefit of this feature is to spare you the hassel of transferring and handling a myriad of paper receipts within your accounting service: the merger of expenses and their receipts are a piece of cake.

There are three ways of attaching a receipt to an expense exist:

  • By taking a photo using a smartphone and the Cleemy mobile application
  • By importing the receipt from your computer using the expense input form
  • By emailing the receipt

The receipts attached to an expense are viewable throughout the process - a preview is even available when you open an expense. The scroll wheel on your mouse allows you to zoom in on the image.

Importing receipts by email

Each user can email receipts to The receipts must be attached to the email and can be sent from the employee’s professional email (i.e. the one that receives Cleemy notifications).

Otherwise, a field exists to add an employee’s personal email in his or her user file. This address can also be used to send a receipt to Cleemy.

All receipts sent to Cleemy by an employee will appear in the “Expenses” tab under the receipts section:

The employee can then attach them to an existing expense or create a new expense using the receipt.

Management of PDFs and other file types

Many receipts are in PDF format (most notably plane or train tickets). Cleemy converts these receipts to images when the expense to which they are attached is saved. This allows a preview of the receipt to be available throughout the expense management process.

Cleemy allows file formats other than PDFs and images to be attached. These include Word documents and text files. However with these files, a preview will not be available. Instead, they must be downloaded in order to open them.

Retrieving receipts

It is possible to download the original receipt of an expense thanks to the link found below the expense form.

You can also download the totality of receipts from an expense report with the icon found in the top right of the header in the expense report:

Similarly, you can download all of the receipts from a group of selected expense reports in the control, payment or accounting tabs. All receipts will be gathered in a ZIP file and renamed in such a way that will make it easy to locate the expense report and the link they are related to.

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