Overriding blocking ceilings

The blocking ceilings of expense reports are rarely absolute. In some cases, an employee can be restricted from engaging in expenses above the typical ceilings of your expense policies. It is therefore reasonable for the employee to be reimbursed for the entirety of the amount. For example, in the case of a last minute trip, it is possible that only very expensive hotels are available.

Cleemy can be configured to give certain users the right to remove the reimbursement ceiling placed on expense reports that they approve or control. These users will see a “Lift ceiling” link on their expenses that have exceeded the reimbursement ceiling.

By clicking this link, the amount reimbursed will be equal to the amount of the bill. It is also possible to enter a temporary reimbursement amount once the expense ceiling has been lifted.

Once the ceiling of an expense has been lifted, the expense report will always appear with an alert which indicates that at least one ceiling has been lifted. Similarly, when a ceiling is lifted, it will be saved in the expense report’s history.

Giving permission to users to lift ceilings

The “Lift expense ceilings” permission must be added to a role in the role administration. You must also define the scope to which this permission applies. In general, the range that should be used is the same as the ones the user has concerning approvals and controls.

To lift an expense report’s ceiling, the user must also have permission to edit that expense report:

  • For authorizers, this implies that they must also be given permission to “Modify an expense report at any time” so that they are able to lift the ceiling during the approval step.
  • For controllers, all that has to be done is verify that they have permission to “Control - with permission to modify.”

Occasionally you will have to create a new role. For example, if certain authorizers only have permission to lift ceilings, then attribute this new role to applicable users.

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