Managing analytics with Cleemy Expenses

This is an explanation of the analytic concept as it is understood and used in Cleemy Expenses. There are two separate articles to demonstrate how to use this function:

Cleemy Expenses allows you to configure several analytic axes of your employees’ expenses. Most notably:

  • Different analytics that you can have in your accounting software: cost centers, projects, clients, an employee’s individual code, etc. It is possible to configure Cleemy Expenses to order to allow it to integrate all of these axes.
  • Other axes of this kind, relative to your control management but are not implemented in your accounting software.
  • Standard Cleemy Expenses analytic axes: employees, legal entities, departments, and expense types.

In Cleemy Expenses, each customized analytic axe is comprised of sections (i.e. analytic accounts), to which expenses are attributed.


Certain analytic axes are not relevant to certain expense types. For example, office furniture is generally considered to be a general expense (i.e. corresponding with a cost center). You can then decide to not allow the imputations to a project for this expense type.

It is possible to limit the imputation rights of an analytic section to users or specific departments. For example, you can make sure that a “Marketing” cost center is reserved for employees who belong to this department, but indicate that “Training” cost center is available to everyone.

You can also define the default values of analytics by indicating, for example, that employees in the marketing department are attributed to the marketing account by default.

In Cleemy Expenses, an expense can only be attributed to a single section for a given axe. Therefore, it is not possible to attribute an expense to two projects at once.

However, it is possible to attribute an expense to a project and to a cost center (unless Cleemy Expenses is configured in a way to make these two axes mutually exclusive).

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