Creating expense report statements


Cleemy Expenses’s reporting module allows you to view data related to your employees’ expense reports and export them in CSV format (compatible with Excel).

It is available from the menu to all users with permission to edit reports.

Users with access to this module will see expenses belonging to expense reports that they have approved, denied, transferred or delegated, regardless of whether the expense owner is included in the user's "Edit Reports" permission. The internal attendees report is not affected by this rule.

Report types

This module contains four different kinds of statements:

  • General -- to extract lists of expenses or cross tabulations according to different analytic axes. This statement is highly configurable.
  • Guests from inside the company -- used to consult restaurant expenses as well as your employees’ guests, usually to regularize restaurant vouchers.
  • Guests from outside the company -- allows you to see contacts from outside the company as well as the amounts that have been spent on guests. This statement is very useful for labs, in relation to the Bertrand law, which also allows you to justify your employees’ meal expenses to URSSAF.
  • Mileage -- generates an accumulation of distances travelled by your employees using their own vehicles. If you have a lot of mileage expenses, this statement allows you to determine if you are subject to certain taxes and will simplify your declaration.
  • Receipts -- allows you to download a ZIP file of expense report receipts that correspond with different filters.

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