Currency management

Cleemy Expenses manages almost every world currency and automatically converts expense amounts.

Currency conversion feature

By default, when a user enters an expense in a foreign currency:

  • The original amount is converted to the accounting currency of the user’s company.
  • The currency rate used is what it was on the day of the expense, filled out by the user.
  • Cleemy Expenses uses CurrencyLayer market rates which are updated everyday at 5am.

It is also possible for you to enter customized conversion rates:

  • The date of the expense no longer influences the conversion rate.
  • The currencies for which you have not defined the currency rate will continue to use the Cleemy Expenses rates.
  • The fixed conversion rates are all defined in relation to the Euro. However, Cleemy Expenses can do several conversions (for example, to convert dollars to pounds).
  • The rates will apply to every legal entity in your company.

Configure your own conversion rates

Customized rates are defined in the currency administration page which is accessible via the toothed wheel menu  

By clicking “Define a fixed rate,” you can enter a conversion rate. You can also use commas as well as periods in order to separate decimals.

To remove a customized rate in order to resume using the Cleemy Expenses rates, all you have to do is delete the conversion rate that was entered in the field.

Online support page for the Cleemy Expenses expense report management solution.

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