Defining the controls of absences

Cleemy can trigger alerts as soons as an employee declares an expense on a day when he or she is absent: the weekend, holidays or during a leave. In order for Cleemy to be able to keep track of your employees’ leave, you must also have Figgo.

Controls linked to days absent can be configured in the “Controls of absences” interface that you will find in the drop down menu that is displayed when you hover over the “Configuration” tab.

Each expense type can have a different behavior that can be configured by choosing one of three possible options for each expense.

  • Approved: no specific control is performed by Cleemy concerning the date of the expense.
  • Alert: the user is alerted when an expense is declared. The user’s manager and controllers will therefore see that the expense report contains an expense which is potentially irregular either in the list of pending expense reports or through opening the expense report in question.
  • Block: the user is informed that an expense cannot be declared on that day. The user cannot save the expense’s entry form.

The “Consider weekends as working days” box allows controls on weekends and holidays to be ignored. This is useful for your employees who travel frequently during these times.

To learn more about the different rules and controls that you can configure, please visit the Manage your expense management policy support page.

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