Filtering pending expense reports

In the “Control,” “Payment,” and “Accounting export” tabs, Cleemy displays pending expense reports for that step of the expense management process. Cleemy automatically applies a filter to Approved, Controlled, Approved & Controlled statuses, and on whether the expense report has been exported or not according to the configuration of your approval process.

All expense reports displayed in this tab are those that require an action. No need to wonder what needs to be processed and what doesn’t.

The interface includes 5 default filters:

  • Legal entity. Cleemy remembers the last legal entity you consulted. It is possible to display the expense reports from all legal entities at the same time.
  • Department. This filter is very useful when several controllers are working together.
  • Expense report period. Cleemy removes this filter every time you access the page.
  • Declarer. This makes it easy to find any given employee.
  • Expense report identifier. If you do reconciliations with hard copies of justifying documents, this filter allows you to immediately display the expense reports associated with physical documents.

Displaying more filters

In certain cases, it is useful to display expense reports that have already been processed or that do not have to be. For example, if an employee gives you an additional justifying document and you wish to add it to an expense report that has already been controlled. You must therefore display an already controlled expense report in the “control” tab.

You can display other filters by clicking “More filters.” Each filter corresponds with an expense report status: Approved, Controlled, Paid, and Posted. Each filter has three options: Yes (the expense report corresponds with the status, No (the expense report does not correspond with the status) or Not Applicable (the criteria is not applicable in the display of expense reports). The filters available depend on the tab you select.

  • “Control” tab:
      • Approved - this filter is only displayed if your workflow requires approval before being controlled.
      • Paid - only present if you pay an expense report before it has been controlled.
      • Controlled - always present and allows you to retrieve expense reports that have already been controlled. 


  • “Payment” tab:
    • Controlled - is only displayed if you are able to pay expenses before they have been controlled.
    • Paid - always available and allows you to retrieve expense reports that have already been paid.


  • “Accounting” tab:
    • Paid - displayed if you use the payment module. If you generate payments from the accounting export, this filter will be hidden.
    • Posted - to retrieve expense reports that have already been posted. They will not always be modifiable, only viewable.
    • Only controlled expense reports are visible in this tab.
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