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Timmi Absences allows you to manage leave in working days (from Monday to Saturday). The counting unit "working days" is to be selected in the account settings. 

When requesting leave with this unit, all days except the weekly rest day (Sunday) and public holidays are counted. A maximum of 5 Saturdays will be counted during the reference period.

The counting of Saturdays in Timmi Absences

For accounts without accrual (e.g.: Wedding), Saturday is always counted.

For accounts with accrual (e.g. Paid leave), the number of Saturdays to be counted as working days depends on the accrual on the employee's account. This number must be divided by 6, which is the number of working days in a week.


  • 30 days of accrued Paid leave: 30/6 = 5 Saturdays maximum will be counted
  • 20 days of accrued Paid leave: 20/6 = 3 Saturdays maximum will be counted

When an employee requests the day before a Saturday (Friday afternoon) on a working day account, then the Saturday is counted if the number of days earned allows the Saturday to be counted and if the maximum has not been reached (based on the Saturdays already requested on the account).

For paid leave in the process of being accrued, the same rule is applied: Timmi Absences only counts a Saturday from the 6th day accrued.

Note that if a Saturday is a public holiday, then it is not counted. Click here to access our guidelines on how to handle a Saturday public holiday.

Know the number of Saturdays to be counted/are already counted

On the homepage of the employees managing their Paid Leave in working days, a link "Monitoring the counts" is accessible at the bottom right in the block "Personal follow-up". By clicking on this link, a window displays a summary table indicating the number of Saturdays to be requested by the end of the Paid Leave consumption period.


Does Timmi Absences verify that exactly 5 Saturdays have been counted?

For an employee entitled to 30 working days, it is not stated in labor law that the company must count exactly 5 Saturdays. 

Timmi Absences does not check that the employee has actually taken 5 Saturdays, but it does check that they do not take more than 5 Saturdays (unless the setting is deactivated, as described below).

Edit the count provided by Timmi Absences

Deactivate the limit of Saturdays to be counted

It can happen that the balances imported in Timmi Absences do not reflect the complete accrual of the current year of the employee. In this case, you can indicate in Timmi Absences not to limit the number of Saturdays to be counted. You can deactivate the "Check Saturday count in working days” setting in Settings Preferences Settings. 

Remember to reactivate it once the leave whose accrual is unknown in Timmi Absences has been consumed. Timmi Absences will not make any mistake for future accounts (it will know the entire accrual) and you will protect your employees from a disadvantageous count. 


Do not authorize a request without counting the days not worked

If the balance is insufficient to count the days not worked at the end of the request, by default Timmi Absences authorizes the sending of the request. For example, if an employee has only 5 working days left in their 2019/2020 Paid Leave account and would like to apply for a week of leave, Timmi Absences allows them to send in their request with 5 days (instead of 6 days). 

You can deactivate this authorization. In Settings Preferences Settings, change the "Authorize a request without the non-worked days if the balance is insufficient” setting to No.

In this case, the employee will need to use another leave account to complete their request (in the previous example, the employee could have used their 2020/2021 Paid Leave account to count the Saturday). 

Override the count of a Saturday

In Schedule Management, you can select a Saturday and apply an absence on it to override it to be counted. You must select the only day to be counted.

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