How to display employee's leave balance in the Put on leave tab ?

The "Put on leave" module allows to put someone on leave without approval on behalf of the user's manager. The leave is automatically approved and you choose to notify or not the user and\or his manager.

The operation is very simple, you have to select the user in "Put on leave for", choose the day(s) in the calendar, select the type of leave and save.

Warning: it is important to know upstream if the user has a sufficient number of days in his account before putting on leave. Indeed, this module does not take into account the blocking rules and thus you can generate a debit balance.

To avoid it, you just need to put your mouse on the link "Display employee's leave balance" situated just over the calendar. Figgo shows you then an estimation of the user balances at the date of the last day of the leave selected. This estimation takes into account all the absences waiting for approval and approved until this date.

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