Connecting to Lucca

You can connect to Lucca with 2 methods.

  • from your site (, after entering your login (usually jdoe or john.doe) and password. If it's the first time you connect to Figgo, you need to create a password. Click First connection below the login box and follow the procedure.chrome_2019-01-29_11-24-35.png
  • from, you can click "Connexion" on top of the page, enter your email and follow instructions. You can connect with your password or with a magic link you'll receive by email.

 If a user has issue to log into his Lucca account, you need to check several points:

  1. Typing errors: Does he use the right login and password? Attention, he needs to respect the small and capital letters, and the login in the majority of cases does not correspond to his email.
  2. Permission access: Does his permission allowed him to access to one of the Lucca solution ? Check the user role in Admin>Roles : 

  1. Employee file: Does the user as an "End date" in his employee file ? Lucca access is activated at the start date and disabled at the end date in the employee file.

If, after all these checks the problem is still not solved, ask the user to reset his password by clicking Password forgotten on the login page and follow the procedure.

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