Resetting an Absence Account

Background information

At the end of the period, even when unused leave days are lost, Figgo does not reset the counters. You can block the user from taking leave on this account but it will still appear because the balance is not 0. 

The administrator will have to settle the accounts at the end of the consumption period.

Go to Credit/debit > Group of employees to reset these ‘old’ counters.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. In the Select the population section, you can set up any necessary filters: department, company, profile, category and/or a condition related to an account’s balance (‘advanced options’ link).

2. In the Choose an action section, select the account you want to reset (‘Modify the account), tick the Reset the account - 0 radio button and select ‘Droits perdus / Lost entitlements’ on the Balancing account line.

Note: Only accounts for the years N-1, N and N+1 appear. If you want to reset an account from a previous year, you must change the account’s consumption period end date during this process. You can do this in Configure > Accounts.

3. After entering a name and date for the accounting entry, click on the Simulate entries button.

4. The list of employees appears on the right-hand side with the number of days lost. You can change the values suggested by Figgo directly in the table. To confirm, go to the bottom of the page on the right and click Save.

Important: this module allows you to complete 4 types of actions: reset, round, credit or debit a balance for a group of people. So you must select only one action and leave the others blank. For more information on other possible actions, please see our dedicated help page.


When an employee leaves, their absence accounts must be reset using the Employee settlement module.
For more information on final settlement, click here: Managing an Employee’s Departure in Figgo


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