How to delete an old account from the leave balance table ?

You need to know that an account stay visible in the leave balance table as long as its balance is not null. And this even if leave requests are blocked.

At the end of the consumption period, the Semi-auto entries module (Credit/Debit > A group of collaboraters) allows you to write-off the accounts of the year N.

1) In the first section "Select a population", fill out the necessary filters: department, legal entity, profile, category and condition concerning the balance of an account (Link “advanced options”).

2) In the section "Choose an action", select the account to write-off (Modify the account), mark the box override the balance and select the Balancing account "Entitlements lost".

3) After having given a title and a date for this entry, click on "Continue". The list of employees will be display on your right-hand side with the number of lost days. Click on save to finish the action.

Warning: This module allows you to realize 4 types of actions: override, round, credit or debit a balance for a set of users. You have to select a single action and leave the other options empty.

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