Delete an old account from the counters table

At the end of a period, even when unused leave is lost, Figgo does not reset counters to zero. Requesting leave can be blocked on the account, but it will always appear because its balance is not zero.

The administrator will therefore have to settle the accounts at the end of the consumption period. Visit Credit/Debit > Group of employees to reset these “old” accounts.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Select a group rubric, configure necessary filters: department, company, profile, SPC, and/or condition relating to the balance of an account (“Advanced options” link)
  2. In the Choose action rubric, select the account to be reset to 0 (Move the account), check the Override balance to 0 box and select the Offsetting account “lost entitlements.”

Note: Only accounts from the year N-1, N and N+1 will appear. If you would like to reset an account to 0 from an earlier year, you will have to edit the end of consumption date of the account during this operation. To do this, go to Configure > Accounts.

  1.  After entering a description and a date for the entry, click the Simulate entries button.
  2. The list of employees will appear on your right with the number of days lost. To approve, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and in the right-hand corner, you will find the Save button.

Please note that this module allows you to complete 4 types of tasks: override, round, credit or debit a balance for a group of people. You must therefore select a single task and leave the other boxes empty.

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