How to create or modify the seniority rules ?

Consultants often set up the rules for seniority during the creation of your Figgo. It happens however that you need to modify these rules or to create a new rule due to a change of policy in your company.

Those rules are accessible on the page Administration > Manage > Seniority, by clicking on the link "Modify seniority rules".

A rule defines the seniority rights for one or several category group(s) according to the number of seniority years and possibly the age.

A rule consists of several criteria: the criterion retained for an employee is the most favorable one, that is granting the maximum of days to be credited (example below: a executive having 12 years of seniority will be entitled of 2 days).

A criterion can consist of several conditions. By default, we have the number of years (or of month) of seniority. You can add a condition on the age by clicking on the link "+Add a condition" and choose if it's an cumulated or alternate condition (and/or).

You can create as many rules as there are categories by clicking on "+Add a rule". Don't forget to "Save changes" before leaving the page.

Warning: You cannot attached a category to several rules for the same legal entity.


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