Enter a full credit of entitlements at the beginning of a period work

This support page explains how the full credit of your paid leave and/or RTT entitlements at the beginning of a period work, example: January 1.

The credit will be take place on the acquisition date defined in the configuration of the account in question.

In order for the credit to take place on a fixed date, the following must be done:

  • The acquisition start and end date must be identical. To modify the configuration of the acquisition period, you can go to Configure > Account.
  • This date needs to be the same as the day when the leave is credited. To verify the date when your leave is credited, you can visit Credit/debit > Recurring rights > Scheduled tasks.

If some employees arrived after the credit date, their leave will not be automatically credited.

These employees will be displayed in the to do list on the administrator dashboard: the entitlements are pre-calculated according to the number of months worked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the display conditions of an employee?

An employee is displayed in the to do list:

  1. if accounts configured with the the same acquisition start and end dates exist
  2. if  the employee has a profile with leave entitlements associated with an account configured in this way
  3. if the employee has no entries (except absence) on the account

If an employee is not displayed, the following criteria must be verified:

  • the configuration of the account’s acquisition period
  • the configuration of the employee profile
  • the entries saved to the employee account (Reportings > Accounting entries)
  1.  What is the calculation rule of entitlements to be credited?

Timmi Absences calculates the employee’s number of months worked during the period (the whole start month is considered to be a complete month) and does this in relation to the number of months worked, ex: the employee starts March 12, 2014 which means Timmi Absences calculates 10 working months and proposes to credit 10/12 of the annual entitlement

The number of days calculated is rounded according to the rounding rules at the end of the period.

  1. What happens if the administrator has already credited entitlements, if the balances had been imported or if we do not wish to credit the entitlements?

Simply click the “do not credit” link.

  1. Is it possible to modify the pre-calculated value?

Yes, simply click on the number and enter a new value.

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