How to download all the payslips of an employee

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The Pagga Payslip solution allows you to distribute all your company's payslips in a digitized version in a few steps. Only the administrators will have access to the dedicated menu and follow the steps described below.

Download all the payslips of an employee who has left the company


To retrieve all the payslips of a departed employee, simply select their name from the drop-down list (1) then click the Retrieve the XX payslips in zip format button.

An employee who has left (i.e. with a contract end date in the past) no longer has access to the company's Lucca site and their personal Pagga Payslip space as a result. Before leaving, prompt them to enter their personal email address in their employee file so that they can access their secure Pagga Payslip space ( after leaving the company. It will be possible to distribute documents to them in their personal space for one year after they have left.

The personal email address can also be entered on Pagga Payslip in the Payslips tab.


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