Processing and dispatching payroll with Pagga Payslip

1) Import source file


(1) Select the source file containing the payslips to be dispatched. This can be either a single single pdf or a zip file.

(2) Select the relevant pay month.

(3) Launch the import


Custom period

The "Custom period" check box allows you to import pay slips or other documents (such as commission schedules or profit-sharing notices) corresponding to a period other than a calendar month.

By checking this box, you are able to define a pay period and a custom title.

Note: The dispatching step (see below) is exactly the same whether you choose a classic calendar month or a custom period for the pay period. It is therefore necessary that documents imported over a personalized period contain the social security number of the employees concerned.



Import again an already dispatched period

Sometimes it is necessary to re-import a period already imported. On hover a line in the import history, the "reimport" button prefill the pay period and the title of the new document.

When a pay period is reimported, the payslips dispatched are replaced by the new ones. However, if the new import contains different payslips : the payslips already distributed are of course not deleted.


2) Associate pages with employees



Once you have clicked on the Import button, the source file is imported, and cutted into as many pdf files as there are pages, then analyzed to associate each page to a collaborator, thanks to the social security number saved in the user files.

When no social security number are found or when no social security number corresponds : a collaborator of the Lucca instance is suggested at the last step so that one can possibly associate them manually. If the name only of a single collaborator is identified, then Pagga Payslip suggests this collaborator for the association. Just click on the Associate button (1). In the case where no name of collaborator (or several) is identified in the page, a preview is available by clicking on the link Page No. X and you can manually associate the corresponding collaborator with the drop-down list Assign to ... (2). Once all the payslips are associated, the Continue button (3) will move to the Distribution step.


3) Dispatch


The list of all the co-workers identified in the import and having subscribed to the distribution service is displayed (1). Employees who will not receive their payslips in their Pagga Payslip space are identified in the section "Employees disabled" (2).

At the time of distribution, the affected employees may be notified by email of the availability of their payslip in their Pagga Payslip space (the checkbox must be checked by mail). This email can be personalized with the link Customize the notification email (3).

(4) Hitting the Dispatch button will launch the dispatching. Notification emails will be send if the option has been checked.

(5) Pagga Payslip will tells to you the spotted differences between the name and / or the first name mentioned in the user file and the information indicated in the payslip. In the example, a composite name has been entered in the user file, but only part of the name is present on the payslip.


4) Download the printed versions

The final step allows you to download the remaining payslips by clicking the Download All button (1), and then physically distribute them to employees who have not subscribed to the Pagga Payslip service.


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