Activating the Pagga Payslip Distribution Service for an Employee

Background information

Even though, since 1 January 2017, companies are no longer required to consult their employees before activating online payslip distribution, the employee must be given the choice of whether or not to sign up for it.

Choice 1: Allow employees to join the service themselves


If the user has not signed up for the distribution service, they will see the above screen as soon as they go to the Pagga Payslip application. It is an explanation page highlighting the service’s advantages: ‘It’s practical. It’s secure. It’s legal’.

To sign up for the service, the user simply clicks on the ‘Please send my payslips online’ (1) button

Choice 2: Manage subscribers from the Manage tab

The list of employees who have joined the Pagga Payslip distribution service can be managed from the Manage tab, which only Pagga Payslip administrators can access.


(1) The totals of employees wanting to receive electronic payslips and those that chose paper format can be accessed easily from this interface.

(2) If the employee is ticked, it means they have signed up for the distribution service. So they will receive their payslips in electronic format via their Pagga Payslip personal space.

(3) A warning icon indicates that an employee did not enter their insurance number or code or that they do not have access to Pagga Payslip.

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