Activate the Pagga Payslip distribution service for an employee

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Even if, since January 1, 2017, a company no longer has the obligation to consult its employees before activating the distribution of payslips in a digitized version, the employees must be given the option to agree or not.

Choice 1: Let the employee join the service themselves


As long as the user has not signed up to the distribution service, they get the screen above when they go to the Pagga Payslip app. This is an explanation page, that highlights the benefits of the service: "It is convenient. It's secure.".

To join the service, the user must simply click on the "I wish to receive my payslips online" button.

Choice 2: Manage memberships from the Administration tab

The list of employees who have joined the Pagga Payslip distribution service can be edited in the Settings tab, which is only accessible to Pagga Payslip administrators.


(1) The total number of employees wishing to receive their payslips in electronic format and those who have opted for the paper format is easily accessible from this interface.

(2)The employees in yellow correspond to those who have joined the distribution service. They will therefore receive their payslips in electronic format in their personal Pagga Payslip space.

(3) An alert icon notifies you when an employee has not filled in their social security number or when they do not have access to Pagga Payslip.

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