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The Dashboard feature is currently undergoing beta testing. If you are unable to access the module after you have installed it from the Store, please contact the help desk. In order to install the module from the Store, you need to have “Application Management” permission.

FAQ about Dashboards

How is indicator data synchronized?

Dashboard data is automatically synchronized every night, between 3am and 4am. The synchronization includes all changes made last month, this month and next month.

If you have changed data before the previous month, e.g. during an import, you can also force synchronization at any time, using the icon located at the end of the date. This synchronization includes all changes made during the previous 12 months.

This feature requires the "Manually start data synchronization" permission, which can be enabled in roles.

What data is included in the indicators?

We only use standard data (and not personalized data, which is specific to each customer).

Some of it needs to be configured if this is not the case, e.g. contract start and end reasons, in the Core HR parameters, will appear in the corresponding indicator.

Is there a minimum equipment requirement for using Dashboards?

There are no minimum equipment requirements to use this solution. However, the solution has been designed to cross-reference data from several solutions, starting with Core HR, Timmi Absences and Pagga Compensation. Only a few indicators will be available without these packages, which reduces the appeal of the solution.

Which period is selected by default?

The default period is 12 months. For example, the turnover rate is calculated over the last twelve months.

Can I share my dashboards with other administrators in the company?

There is no dedicated feature for this, but you can share indicators in three ways:-
By downloading the underlying data and sending the CSV file,
- By taking a screenshot of the graphs,
- By giving permission to the relevant employee in roles.

Can I create my own indicators?

It is not possible to create your own indicators at the moment. In this first version of the dashboards, we offer you standard indicators.

We will gradually be expanding the list of indicators. Details are available on this page, and you can suggest additional indicators that you would like.


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