Shared documents – Installation and first use

The Shared documents feature is currently undergoing beta testing. If you are unable to access the module after you have installed it from the Store, please contact the help desk.

Before you get started

This application enables you to centralize and provide access to public HR documents, such as internal regulations or remote working policies. Employees are notified if any new documents are uploaded, and they are free to view and download shared documents as they wish.

Installation and access to the application

As a solution administrator

“Shared Documents” is available to download free of charge from the Lucca Store. Doesn’t ring a bell? To install an application from the Store (which you can access via the rocket on the right-hand side of your Lucca menu), you need to have the “Administer applications” permission in the roles. If you encounter any problems, please contact the administrator for all of your solutions, or the help desk.

During installation from the dedicated Store page, a secondary role will be created and automatically assigned to you. You will be the administrator of this module, and you will be able to add, update and delete shared documents.

As an employee

To give a role read-only access to the application, simply add the “Shared documents” application from the role-management module.


If employees have the application enabled on their role(s), they can view and download documents that have been shared with their establishment.

Adding and sharing public documents

In order to add and share documents with relevant employees, you need to have the “Manage shared documents” permission. It has been automatically assigned to you during installation.

Untitled (4).png

If you click on “Add a document” on the right-hand side, a new window will open. Here you can specify:

  • The document title,
  • The document category (which will be displayed on the left). The application comes with three default categories when it is first installed. With the “Manage shared documents” permission, you can add, rename, delete or reorganize document categories.
  • You can also set the document access scope (all establishments or only those selected). The list of selectable establishments corresponds to the establishments linked to the role,
  • And finally, choose whether or not to notify employees when the document has been added. This notification can be sent with a customized message.




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