Installing dashboards

The Dashboard feature is currently undergoing beta testing. If you are unable to access the module after you have installed it from the Store, please contact the help desk. In order to install the module from the Store, you need to have “Application Management” permission.

Before you get started

Lucca solutions now offer graph reports in applications, for example the absenteeism rate or sick leave history for Timmi Absences, or workforce movement for Core HR.

To help you with better HR management, we are building a single interface that will bring together all the indicators in several Lucca solutions.

We are currently working on 3 dashboards:

  • Growth: Workforce management;
  • Retention: Identifying the reasons why employees leave;
  • DEI: Gender representation and equal treatment of employees.

This help sheet lists the steps you need to follow to install this new module, assign permissions for it and start using it.

Installing the module from the Store

From your Lucca Store, which you can access via the rocket on the right-hand side of your Lucca menu, you can search for “Dashboards” and access the product sheet for this module.

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If you do not have access to the product sheet, please contact the administrator for all of your solutions. In order to install the module from the Store, you need to have “Application Management” permission.

By clicking on “install now”, you will be guided through the installation process. The “Dashboards” module is free and does not require any equipment.

Assigning permissions and managing access

Warning: this application displays sensitive data, for example, pay-related information. Only assign permissions to authorized people, such as HR administrators or members of the management team.
The “download indicator details” permission enables you to view private details about the indicators. Pay attention to only assign this permission to authorized users.

Once the module has been installed, you will be able to access it from your “Lucca” solutions menu. Nobody else will have access to it.

To give other people access, go to the managing roles section of the cogwheel. By adding the “Dashboards” permission to the selected role, you give the users concerned access to the solution.

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To give them the right to download the underlying indicator data, simply select the dedicated permission and click save.

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