Manage all your ad-hoc reviews (e.g. end of trial period) in a single campaign.

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Do you frequently need to conduct ad-hoc reviews, such as end-of-trial-period reviews, discovery reports, etc.? Don't waste any more time recreating and relaunching campaigns each time.  Below, we explain how to manage all these employees in a single campaign. This will make the Campaigns tab clearer, but above all, it will enable you to analyze the overall responses.

1- Create a campaign for the year or half-year for the first wave of people concerned.

As soon as you have the first person(s) that requires an ad-hoc review (e.g. end of trial period), start by preparing your campaign in the Draft Campaign tab:

  • In the Progress tab of the draft campaign, enter the preparation and completion dates for this first wave of people. You will then have the opportunity to add customized dates for the next set of employees.
  • Be sure to check your campaign information, especially the configuration of the questions in the Form tab. In fact, this campaign will remain open for half a year or a year (depending on your internal management), so the questions must not be set with the intention of changing them. As a reminder, you can't edit the content of a campaign once it has been launched (apart from the title, category and manager).
  • If you have specific information to communicate, use the campaign introduction rather than including it in the email. This email will not be sent to employees that are added to the campaign after it has been launched.

Then, when you're ready, launch your campaign. 

2- Add new employees as you go along

There are two ways of doing this:

  • manually from the campaign's Individual progress tab

  • with the help of the recommendations wizard, to make sure you don't forget any reviews.

To find out more about the recommendations wizard, please see this help sheet on the topic.

Employees (and their reviewers, if applicable) will be notified by email when the review has taken place.

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