Lucca FTP server migration - 2nd quarter of 2024

Before your start

We are delighted to announce that Lucca is upgrading its FTP server infrastructure to improve the quality and reliability of our services.

In order to follow this help sheet correctly, please ensure that you have access to the tool that connects to Lucca FTP, as well as the login information:

  • Login
  • Your password
  • Protocol used (SFTP or FTPS/FTPES)

If you do not have access to the connection information, please contact us at



This information sheet has been specially designed to help you make the transition to our new FTP server. If you are currently using one of the FTP servers hosted by Lucca ( or, please follow the instructions below to migrate to our new servers:

  • becomes
  • becomes

Preliminary stage: Verification of identifiers

Before making any changes to your FTP configuration, it is crucial to ensure that your current credentials (username and password) are valid on the new server. We recommend using an FTP client such as WinSCP for this check.

1. Protocol selection

Identify the transfer protocol you are using in your external tool: either FTPS/FTPES or SFTP. This information is essential for the correct configuration of your FTP client.


2. Protocol configuration

Protocole Port number
FTPS 990



Example for FTPS :

Open your FTP client and configure it to connect to the new server ( or using the same FTPS protocol.

Exemple pour SFTP :

You must accept the new key (also do this on your Lucca FTP connection tool).

2a. The new SSH public keys

The fingerprint for the keys when using SFTP are :

  • ED25519 (as shown in the screenshots) : Ddex0NLLm4ifi7pZK8h3gkN1EVcEq3LuYZTwVottyno
  • RSA: 3DU3oMgUegTTsFk3CM/YXMD4Qyj+B/aj35OwtoVP08
  • ECDSA: /4pvFx2fIG9KIF0ZJE9Vn7L9rcOniIQn9OZrvO+vVe8

3. Connexion test

Once configured, test the connection to make sure everything is working correctly, then try sending a file or creating a folder on FTP. This will confirm that your identifiers are compatible with the new server.

Example of sending a file via WinSCP :

- In the Lucca FTP tab, right-click in the right-hand window and create a file :

- Create a test file by filling in the following information:

- Then check whether the creation was successful in the queue:


Update Your Connection Tool

After confirming a successful connection via the FTP client, update your Lucca connection tool settings to point to the new server ( instead of or instead of Note that your username and password remain unchanged.

Need some help?

If you have any problems determining the protocol used, if your identifiers no longer work, or if you have any other questions, our team is at your disposal. Contact us at for assistance and advice.

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