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Whether you are deploying it independently or making full use of the Skills feature, these FAQs are intended to:

  • answer your various questions
  • help you understand and resolve certain stumbling blocks

Structuring and updating of the skills framework

In addition to the answers below, you will find a guide to the framework in this help sheet.

Can skill categories be customized?

No, the 4 categories in the list are the only ones available. We use the recommendations of the Employment office. However, you do not have to use all the categories. If you do not use the “knowledge” category, for example, it will not be displayed.

What is the difference between knowledge, hard skills and soft skills?

Is it possible to have subcategories?

No, it is not possible to create sub-categories.


Category Sub-category Last name Activity
Hard skills Tool management Excel Create Excel dashboards
Creating Excel tables      
Creating macros…      
Hard skills Tool management PowerBI Creating dashboards

Here are 2 workarounds if the subcategory is essential for you:

  • Workaround 1: a more “macro” assessment where the skill is “Tool management” and adding the tools to the description of the skill. The advantage of this is a very simple framework.

  • Workaround 2: write the sub-category in square brackets at the beginning of the skill name. Be careful not to make the name in brackets too long so that you can easily read the real name of the skill (for [Management] we would advise writing [Mgt]):

Can I customize the rating scale (levels)?

The name of descriptions (beginner, intermediate etc.) can be customized and it is possible to deactivate certain levels. However, it is not possible to have more than five levels on the rating scale.
Our business experts have found that the majority of companies have 4 skill levels and more than 5 runs the risk of making skills grids illegible.

I want to add a skill to a job but I don’t want it to appear in all the grades, how do I do this? 

Simply put the expected level in the grades (qualification) in question. In the example below, the skill located in the hard skills section will not appear in the employee review for the first four qualifications. 

Do not enter the "not acquired" level as this would have the effect of showing the skill in the review. The skill appears in the review as soon as an expected level is filled in.

An employee needs to assess a skill when it is not applicable to their situation, how do I go about this?

In the event that the employee feels that the skill is "not applicable" to their situation at the time of the review (for example, if he or she only arrived recently in the company), he or she must follow this procedure:

- do not click on any of the skill levels

- explain in comments why the skill is not applicable


Are duplicate skill names detected?

No, there are no restrictions on skill names, so you need to be careful not to create duplicates. However, if you end up with duplicate skills, you can archive the skill that you are not using.

Can I have different frameworks between establishments?

It is possible to use certain skills only in certain establishments, however, the frameworks are visible and usable by all the administrators in all the establishments: they cannot be compartmentalized.

Also, all employees will see all the grids (regardless of the establishment).

Examples of what is not possible:
I am an employee of establishment A, I must not be able to see the skills grid of job X because it only exists in establishment B / I am an administrator of establishment A, I must not be able to modify the grids of job X because it exists only in establishment B.


  • Make skills consistent across establishments: If there is a "project management" skill in establishment A with description X and a "project management" skill in establishment B with description Y -> merge them.

  • If you do not want to merge the skills, specify in the name of the skill to which establishment it refers.
    Example: [Lucca FR] Project Management/[Lucca ESP] Project Management)
    ⚠️ We do not recommend this solution, but technically it is possible.

Structure of the qualifications framework

I have two very similar job titles in my company, how do I know if I need to create 1 or 2 jobs in my qualifications framework?

As a reminder, there is a guide to the definitions in this help sheet.

Our recommendation is to rationalize the number of jobs by looking at the skills for these 2 positions: if at least 50% of the skills are similar between the 2 positions, this often means that you have to create one job.


You have a Marketing Director in your company and you're hesitating between two potential scenarios:

  • If the Marketing Director position has more than 50% skills in common with other marketing positions, it's best to add “Marketing Director” as the last qualification in the “Marketing” job.

  • If the Marketing Director position has less than 50% skills in common with the other marketing positions, it's better to create a “Marketing Management” job separate from the “Marketing” job.

I've got employees in several positions at once. What should I do in this situation?

An employee can only have one qualification at a time in the Skills module. Depending on how you operate, we offer three solutions:

  • Attach the employee to the qualification that occupies more than 50% of their time.
  • Create a specific qualification for these employees, that brings together all the skills of the positions they occupy.
  • Mention skills that do not belong to the qualification on the review form. To do this, select the “Other skills” question type when setting up the form.

Skills assessment

Is it possible to update an employee’s skill level outside of a review campaign?

No, for the moment updating the employee level is only possible via a review campaign. However, you can launch campaigns dedicated to updating skills at any time during the year, so you don’t have to wait for your next annual campaign.

How do I assess employees on skills that are not linked to their qualification?

When you configure a review campaign form, you can select the "Specific skills" question type and select the one(s) you want from your framework. Your entire campaign population will then be assessed on these skills.

💡Tip: If you wish to assess the skills of only a certain group of employees within your campaign, you can use the question and section filters (Link to the help sheet).

I do not want an employee to be assessed on a skill but it is displayed in their review, why?

The reason is probably the level entered in this skill for qualification concerned. When you do not want a skill to be displayed, do not enter an expected level. For example, putting "not acquired" means that the employee will be assessed on this skill.
An upgrade to have a "Not applicable" level is planned.

Can I see a reminder of the old skill assessment when I conduct a review?

No, at the moment this is not possible. However, You can check the employee’s level directly in their last review or on their “My skills” page.

Can I give a manager access so that they can edit their skills grid?

By giving a manager this access, you give them access to all of the skills grids in the company. We believe that editing skills grids is an important task that should remain in the hands of administrators. So we recommend sharing an Excel file with your employees so that they can enter their comments on the grids, and then you can edit the grids accordingly. 

Skills analysis

When I look at my skills, why can't I display a radar chart for a skill category?

If the number of skills in a category is less than 3 or more than 10, the default display is "List" mode to ensure that the information is clearly legible.

What is the "Last assessment" legend in the graphs?

This is the last assessment, conducted by a third party, the most recent. If you hover your mouse over a point on the graph, you will find the date of the assessment and the name of the person who performed it. The employee's self-assessment is not displayed.

Is it possible to compare their current level with the expected level for a qualification other than ours?

Yes, that is possible. In the “My skills” view, you can select a qualification other than your own from the drop-down list. Here is what happens:

  • the skills and expected levels are updated
  • if the employee had already been assessed on the skills of the new qualification, their level is displayed in the graphs

How can I see the progress of an employee on a given skill over time?

By going to the "My skills" page and clicking on "Download all my assessments" you can find all the assessments of an employee in one file. By filtering on the right skill and sorting reviews chronologically, you can easily trace the employee’s review.

NB: In both the tabs on the "My skills" page, the level from the last (most recent) assessment is always displayed.



Is there an additional cost with the Skills module?

There is no additional cost in the subscription, it is included in the price of Poplee Performance.
The module can be deployed independently thanks to the information in this help sheet.

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