Maintaining your Lucca database

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Your company is changing all the time, and it's essential that your Lucca space keeps up. We recommend that you carry out the following checks at least once a year to ensure that your software remains up-to-date and effective.


Checklist to go through for each working time arrangement

webimage-D4406182-6282-4D29-9AC9645A5FA19AB9.png Cogwheel

Client Center: Have you entered the business (invoicing, GDPR) and application contacts? are they still correct? This information enables Lucca teams to identify the right contact in your company when we need to pass on important information relating to your administrative follow-up or the use of your Lucca solutions.


Legal unit: Do you have empty establishments (with no active employees)? Or establishments that no longer use Lucca solutions? If so, please archive them.

Departments: Are the departments in your Lucca space up to date (names, team composition)?

Analytical sections: Are the analytical sections up to date (name, code)? If any are no longer in use, please archive them.

Socio-professional categories: Do the socio-professional categories still correspond to your organization?

Roles: Are the permissions granted to the various roles still relevant? Feel free to rewatch our webinar on the best practices when managing roles.

poplee-sclRH@4x.png Poplee Core HR

Alerts: Are the recipients of the alerts still at the company? Are the alerts still relevant to your organization?

Onboarding: Are the managers of customized tasks still the same? Are the tasks still necessary?

HR file: Does the structure of your HR file meet your current needs?

Documents: Are your document templates still up to date? Do they comply with your company's current graphic charter?

Data: Are you still using all your data? If not, please archive any data you no longer need. Are the data marked as mandatory still mandatory? If any mandatory data has not been entered, remember to fill them in.

entretiens@4x.png Poplee Performance

Campaigns: Follow up on any delays for ongoing campaigns. Close finished campaigns.

Recommendations: On the recommendation module, check the list of overdue reviews and add the relevant employees to current campaigns.

Goals: Review the progress of company goals.

formation@4x.png Poplee Training

Catalog: Do you have training courses in the catalog that are no longer relevant? If so, you can archive them. Remember, you can update the content of your training courses if they change. 

Training plans: Archive past training plans

Training courses to be recycled: Check the module for refresher trainings. If these have been processed, you can indicate this in the module. 

timmi-abs@4x.png Timmi Absences

Actions to be carried out: Are there any actions that require action on your part?

Regulations: Are all your establishments linked to regulations? Are all the profiles and accrual rules assigned? Do absence upper limits need to be re-evaluated? Are your adjustment rules up to date?

Absence accounts: Check that you have no duplicate absence accounts, and if so, please archive them. Also check that accounts are linked to regulations

Employee settlement: Clear the accounts of employees who have left the company, and ignore the accounts of employees who have done one contract after another, so that their credits remain available in Timmi Absences.

Exports: Check that your absence accounts are linked to payroll headings.

Approver of customized leave: If you use approvers for customized leave in your approval workflow, make sure this data is up to date in the employee records.

Accrual profiles: Do all your employees have an accrual profile entered in their employee file? Are they the right ones?

Leave policy: Is it entered in the tool and up to date?

timmi-tps@4x.png Timmi Timesheet

Work cycles: Are all your work cycles linked to regulations? Do all your employees who submit their leave have a work cycle entered in their employee file?

Exporting VRIs: Check that all the accounts you wish to export to payroll are linked to a payroll heading with the correct overtime coefficient.

Time entry guidelines: Are they correctly entered and updated for each regulation?

timmi-Off@4x.png Timmi Office

Remote working profiles: Do all your employees have a remote working profile entered in their employee file? Are they the right ones?

Maps: Are your office maps up to date?

Information: Is your access information up to date (door entry code, bike shed, Wi-Fi, etc.)?

Need help setting up your workplace management? See our help sheet! 

NDF@4x.png Cleemy Expenses

Unsubmitted expenses: Create a report on unsubmitted expenses, and invite employees with old expenses (e.g. made over one month ago) to submit their expenses.

Expense profiles: Do all your employees have an expense profile entered in their employee file? Are they the right ones? Do upper limits for expenses need to be re-evaluated?

Charts of accounts: Are all your establishments linked to charts of accounts?

Expense accounts: Are your expense accounts up to date?

Types of expenses: Check that you don't have any duplicate types of expenses, and that the types are linked to charts of accounts and expense accounts.

Expenses policy: Is your expenses policy entered in the tool, and is it up to date?

Need help setting up types of expenses, charts of accounts and expense policies? See our help sheet

paiement@4x.png Cleemy Payment

Card profiles: Do you have card profiles for employees that are no longer active? If so, please delete them.

achats@4x.png Cleemy Procurement

Types: Remember to update your list of purchase types (they can be deactivated if you need to archive them). 
Cost centers: Remember to update your list of cost centers (if you have cost center managers, they can also be updated)
Approval workflow: Has your approval workflow changed? Please check and edit it if necessary.

webimage-1569E039-246E-4177-871D17A5A2BFC9E1.png Pagga Compensation

FRI and VRI: Are the fixed and variable types of remuneration still up to date? Are they linked to the right establishments?
Approval workflow: Is the approval workflow for VRIs still suitable for your current organization?
Milestones and notifications: Have you planned your milestones for the coming year?

titres@4x.png Pagga Meal Vouchers

Regulations: Are your establishments linked to regulations? Are the lists of beneficiaries and calculation rules up to date? Have all the absence accounts and types of expenses been set up?

Order file: Does your order file meet the requirements of your meal voucher issuer?

Need help setting up your meal vouchers? See our help sheet

assistant@4x.png Pagga Payroll Assistant

Payroll procedure: Is your procedure up to date?

Payroll file: Are your establishments linked to payroll files?

Payroll calendar: Rework it at least once a year until you have a smooth-running process, with no snags.

Tasks: Process overdue tasks.


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