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The whistleblower channel enables employees, former employees and anyone outside the company to report, securely and anonymously, any act of non-compliance or malfeasance within the company.

A single link gives access to the whistleblower channel outside Lucca. Users can also access the platform from within Lucca. The platform guarantees anonymous and confidential processing of reports. The platform can only be used to file an alert if the channel is configured. Installation and configuration are described below.

Manage treatments deposited on the channel

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Once designated, supervisors have access to an overview of reported cases, can modify case attributes, communicate with the whistleblower, and finally close the case.

Our advice on care and maintenance

With the whistleblower channel, your company makes a crucial commitment to transparency and legal compliance:

  • Check regularly: Ensure that the reporting channel remains accessible and that cases are processed in a timely manner.
  • Policy updates: Update privacy policies and related documents as needed.
  • Ongoing training: Regularly train supervisors and administrators on best practices for managing reports.

Still have questions? See our frequently asked questions about the whistleblower channel.

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