Filing and tracking a report

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The whistleblower channel enables employees, former employees and anyone outside the company to report, securely and anonymously, any act of non-compliance or malfeasance within the company.

The steps for accessing, filing and tracking a report are described below.

Access to the whistleblower channel

Employees can access the reporting interface from the personal menu on the right-hand side of the Lucca interface banner:

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How to file a report

A person wishes to make a report. To do so, he or she accesses the channel either via the unique link or via his or her Lucca interface, if the person has access to it. The unique link can be displayed on the company's public website, for example.

Once on the channel, the user has the choice of filing a report or accessing the follow-up of a report already filed.

Filing a report

Three pieces of information are required before describing the alert:

  • Choose whether or not you wish the report to be anonymous
    Choose the category from a drop-down list (in accordance with European law)
    Select a Legal Unit (where the act of non-compliance or malpractice took place)

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Describing a report

Title: Give your description a title


Provide as much information as you are willing to share, such as:

  • Description of events and people involved,
  • Place and date,
  • Impact on yourself or others.

In order not to compromise your anonymity, please avoid disclosing personal information such as your name or contact details.

Adding files: you can attach files. Please note, however, that file metadata may provide information about your identity.

  • Pre-filing summary
  • Display of important information for tracking the report

Follow-up on an alert

Once on the channel, the user has the choice of filing an alert or accessing the follow-up of an alert already filed.

With the ID and unique token of the case, users can follow the progress of their case, consult updates, and exchange messages anonymously with supervisors.

Are you one of the people in charge? Find out how to track and manage the reports filed in your channel.

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