Configuring the whistleblower channel

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The reporting channel enables employees, former employees and anyone outside the company to report, securely and anonymously, any act of non-compliance or malfeasance within the company.

A single link gives access to the reporting channel outside Lucca. Users can also access the platform from within Lucca. The platform guarantees anonymous and confidential processing of reports. The platform allows you to file a report only if the channel is configured.

Installation and configuration are described below.

Go to configuration

  • Go to the role administration module. To access it, you need the "Administer roles" permission.
  • We recommend that you create a dedicated secondary role to manage access to the whistleblower channel settings. Assigning this role the "Set up reporting channel" permission in the 'Lucca' application gives access to the channel settings page.

Caution: if you enable this permission for a main role, a condition must be met before you can access the whistleblower channel configuration: the role must be linked to all establishments (see the "establishment" tab of the role).

  • Important note: for security and confidentiality reasons, the role with the "Set up reporting channel" permission must be attached to all establishments ("Establishments" tab of the role in role administration module). Without this, access to the configuration would not be possible.


  • Finally, assign the secondary role to the administrator, who will be responsible for designating the processors and configuring the whistleblower channel.

Administrators have access to a special configuration page where they can enable or disable the channel for specific legal units, manage supervisors, and customize the public page with company logo and privacy policies.

  • Permission activates a new menu entry ⚙️


  • Select Legal Units

Access to the whistleblower channel :

  • The administrator can share an access link to the whistleblower channel.

Setting up managers :

  • In the "Persons in charge" tab, you can add the people who will be responsible for receiving and processing reports on the platform.

Once appointed, supervisors have access to an overview of reported cases, can modify case attributes, communicate with the complainant and, finally, close the case.

Customize the whistleblower form page :

  • The last tab, "Personalization", allows you to enter an introductory text to remind your employees of your company's rules and/or guide them in writing an alert.

And that's it! Your reporting channel is set up. Find out how to use it in this help sheet.


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