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Silae developed more modern, more powerful and more secure technology for its API (REST API). Lucca has therefore created a new connector to allow you to continue synchronizing your data to Silae. Furthermore, our partnership with Silae has been strengthened thanks to a new solid and lasting contract. This allows us to actively work on new key features that you will soon find in your Payroll Assistant.

The team that designs Pagga Payroll Assistant and the Silae connector reveals in this article all the new features planned for 2024.

Push our integration with Silae to the next level

Transmission of new data

Currently, some data cannot be transmitted into Silae via the connector. Our priority is to allow you to synchronize the following data in Silae :
- premium profiles
- contract/job data
- overtime
- remote working/working from home bonus
- coefficient and position

Streamline the payroll preparation

The promise of Pagga Payroll Assistant is a simple, fast and reliable payroll preparation. We are going a step further thanks to these new features:

New feature What is it? Advantages/use cases

Payslips control

(see preview after this table)

Easily and quickly check your payslips before distribution using this new intelligent assistant Be more comfortable during this payslip check phase, which is time-consuming, tedious and stressful
Absence account synchronization between Lucca & Silae  Simply detect the reason for differences in absence balances between Silae and Lucca Save time by making changes in the right place instantly
Taking into account sick leaves  Send sick leave and attached documents to the payroll manager using a simple process An optimized path to complete this repetitive and mandatory task within the allotted time
New dashboard in Pagga Payroll Assistant Clearly visualize the progress of your various payroll files Simplify payroll preparation in case of multiple payroll files



This section of the article will be provided with new screenshots as developments occur.

Payslips control

Preview of the upcoming “payslip control” feature. On this screen, Daniel Hernandez checks Marie-Françoise Archer's payslip before distribution. The tool compares the payslip for month M with the one for month M-1 and highlights offsets and differences to facilitate this operation, which requires attention to detail.

As a reminder, all of these new features will only be available to our clients that are using the new Silae connector based on REST APIs.

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