Archiving the review of a former employee in a current campaign


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Do you have a campaign in progress in which some of your employees have left without completing their review? Poplee Performance allows you to archive them manually without having to close the campaign, thereby updating the progress of your campaign as well as the reviews to be carried out by the managers. 

Archiving a review 

Only employees with a contract end date in the past can be manually archived from the Individual progress tab of a current campaign as shown below: 

NB: if the review does not contain any answers, it can be deleted, but if it is a mandatory review, we recommend that you archive it in order to prove, in the event of an audit, that the employee was indeed offered a review.

Like closing a campaign, archiving a review is definitive. It cannot be unarchived.

Once the review has been archived, it will no longer be included in the reviews to be prepared or carried out in the dashboard.

The reviewer will no longer be notified to carry out the review and the archived review will still be available in the reviewer’s Under my responsibility tab.

A note will be added to the archived review to indicate the date and author. 

Responses remain saved and are not deleted. 

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