Accessing my skills assessments

To access an employee's skills, click on the "My skills" tab in Poplee Performance.

"Qualification skills" tab

This tab contains:

- the skills linked to your current qualification;

- the expected level for each skill;

- your last assessment*.

*The last assessment is that of the manager or reviewer other than the employee.

You can explore another qualification using the drop-down list on the right of the screen that contains all the qualifications in the repository. When you select another qualification, the expected skills and levels are updated. This way you can see the gaps between the current level and the expected level and identify missing skills (those that have never been assessed).

NB: To see at a glance, the spider diagram is available only when the employee has between 3 and 10 skills per skill category.

"All assessed skills" tab

Use this tab to retrieve the values from all the employee's most recent reviews even if the skill is not linked to the employee's current qualification. For example: specific skill assessed in a review, skill from a previous qualification etc.

To track your progress in a skill (assessment history), you need to download the "All my assessments" report at the top of the page. 

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