New year : manage the carry-over and entitlements at the start of the period

The new year does not only come with champagne, here are 2 actions to be carried out on Timmi Absences for the good management of your past and current entitlements.

1/ Manage the carry over

Here are several scenarios according to your company’s policy :

👋 Unused days of paid leaves N-1 are lost

Set the paid leaves N-1 counter to zero for all your employees via a collective manual adjustment. However, pay attention to specific cases (employees who could not have taken their leave due to a growth in activity, sick leave or maternity leave), remove them from your list and manage them at the case by case.

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📙 Edit balance for several employees


⏳ Your employees have extra time to use SOME of the unused paid leave N-1

If you wish to limit the balance of the paid leaves N-1 to be used in year N, make a collective manual adjustment and click on “limit balance” then indicate the limit figure.

Ex: Limit the balance of Paid Leave N-1 to 5. If Bob has 7 days left, his balance decreases to 5. If he has 3 days left, his balance remains unchanged.

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📅 Your employees have extra time to use ALL of the unused paid leave N-1

Specify in the settings of the Paid leave N-1 account what is the consumption deadline. Your employees will not be able to request leave on that account after the date that is set here.

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Once the date has passed, you can reset the counters as explained above.


😎 Your employees can use ALL of the unused paid leave N-1 with no time limit

You have nothing to do ! The Paid Leave N-1 will disappear from the leave balances when the balance goes to zero.


2/ Reminder for the entitlements at the start of the period

Timmi Absences is set up in such a way that all automatic entitlements are done at the end of the month. If you credit the full entitlements at the start of the period, the balance will be updated the last day of the month : 31rst of January.

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If some of your employees need to use their new entitlement before the 31rst of Janury, they will be able to do so without concern.

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