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This sheet is intended for payroll managers or their technical team who must authorize the Silae REST API access for their customer. This step is essential for the smooth running of the project and ensures a high level of confidentiality on the access created.

This process only needs to be done once per customer. If you have multiple payroll records for this customer, you will be able to use the same API configuration. However, for the next customer, you will need to create another API configuration.

0 - Prerequisites

  • You must have access to the API configuration under the payroll settings tab. This access is generally reserved for technical teams or Silae administrators.

1 — Create an access contact on Silae

In order to grant the API access permissions, a specific access contact, who is not your customer, must be created. As this user does not need to log in, we will be able to use an email that does not exist, so only the API will be able to use this account.

You choose the email address you want. Lucca doesn't need to know it. However, we recommend:

  • using an email address that does not yet exist
  • which includes your domain name, i.e. it must be constructed in the same format as your company's email addresses

Example: If your company is called "lapaienor" and your email address is, then the format of the email address could be "".

Please note: do not use domains other than yours with an address that you know is not used. For example, do not use As this domain is not managed by your company, you have no control over the destination of the email, because you cannot ensure that it has not already been created or it will not be one day. 

1.1 — Create a contact

From one of the payroll files to be connected, add a contact. Choose an email as previously recommended and make sure that the identifier is always the same email address.

Repeat this process for all the payroll files that you want to link to the Lucca API, but you are not obliged to change the associated email between each file or each client, because this account does not allow access to the payroll file using the API alone. It requires an API configuration.

Please note: so that several files can be combined with the same API configuration and therefore the same contact, the identifier field must always be the same from one file to another. Do not let the system generate the identifier automatically. Likewise, the email field has no importance, you can use the email address for the identifier field alone.

1.2 - Add permissions

There must be no payroll restrictions for this contact so that they can create and edit information in Silae. "Full access" to the contact must be provided:


In accordance with the provisions of the contract between Lucca and Silae, Lucca has agreed the following with SilaExpert:

  • not to use these APIs in an abnormal and abusive manner, or, more generally, in a way that would breach the laws and regulations in force
  • to take all necessary precautions to preserve the security of the data collected by the API 
  • to comply with SilaExpert security policies
  • to take all appropriate measures to protect our own environments and software
  • to inform SilaExpert of any failure, vulnerability or malfunction observed on the API and on our apps which use this API
  • to promptly correct any failure, vulnerability or malfunction

In practical terms: 

  • The Payroll Assistant, which controls the connector, will be able to open or edit employee data in a defined payroll file, as well as the VRIs for the current pay period.
  • It will also be possible to retrieve the payslips checked by you so that they can be sent securely to your customer.
  • The HR Administrator, your customer, will always have control over the data sent. There are no automatic sends.
  • With the closure of each payroll preparation, you will be able to receive a summary of the data written in Silae.

2 — Configure the API access for this user

From the API configuration, you must create a new connection.

The API account to select in point 4 is "_Lucca_"

In point 5, you must select the contact you created. The transmission of the information may take a while. Restarting Silae may help.

Please note, you must only add the payroll files of the client for whom you are carrying out this configuration.  

Once this attachment is made, you can notify your customer that all the lights have turned green for the connection. The consultant in charge of rolling out the project at your customer will carry out the final attachment from Lucca.

You may receive an alert message regarding the billing for the API access you have created, but only Lucca is billed for this use because we are in the case of a Lucca model.image.png

3 - Send connection information to Lucca

In order to activate this configuration, Lucca will need to see the API configuration ID in the line of your configuration: 


Please send the following to the Lucca consultant, with whom you are discussing this implementation, or to your customer:

  • API configuration ID
  • the list of SILAE file numbers for this customer

Interactive guide

You can also follow this interactive guide instead of this sheet:

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